Can you build a Web App on a train? – Event Scan

I generally find myself involved in so many different technologies and app ideas that is sometimes very hard to take time out and fully develop with new technologies or build app prototypes.
I have a whole heap of ideas that are on the back burner as such but the one I thin I am going to progress with is an Event Scanning application.
The idea is for me to build this complete app only using the time I have on the train journey which is approximately 15 minutes each way – so essentially 30 minutes development a day.
The app I am considering to built is nicknames “Event Scan” and I am planning on it having the following features.
Technology stack :
Azure Web Services
Web API (engagement data transfer)
For the general public :
The ability to signup and be assigned a unique QRCode.
This QRCode can allow the user access to specific areas or content within an event or exhibition etc (work in progress)
For the client / Event organiser.
Collect MI about user engagements.
Quick way to tag individuals and capture additional data.
Suggested Devices:
IPad / iPhone (initially)
Android (2nd release)
I have already started the application and everything is still a work in progress but I am always happy for any feedback.
I will blog onto he development of the app as I move though the various development cycles.
Feel free to take a look at the app as it unfolds. I’m happy with any feedback you may wish to share with me.
The URL of the test site is
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