Event Scan 17/11/2013

Today allowed me to pushed forward on the app. I know I’m meant to be doing all of the on the train but there are certain things that are easier to do at home and one of them is iOS development.

So what did I do today then?

Two things

Created a really raw iOS app to allow me to set zones and to capture users against – this then consumes the web API and returns a response to the user.

Its in a really basic form but I’m getting there.

Secondly, I wrote a little page listing controller to allow me to see why was actually getting saved on the server side. There is a temporary link here you can take a look at. http://pun.azurewebsites.net/Dev/Status – (Note this is no longer available)

I’m pleased with the way things are progressing and I’m keen to get the iOs app working from a complete application perspective in the near future.



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