Arduino bell project

I was keen to make a project involving my son using the arduino.

The first project we did involved my sons lego haunted house which had a servo based ghost that popped up randomly from behind the spooky chimneys.

I also included 2 Leds that I placed strategically at different windows. I wrote code to make them flicker which added to the ghostly scene.

Once we both completed this project we were keen to do another so we decided on a new project. We haven’t yet given it a name yet but essentially it’s a servo based machine that is connected to a .net console app. The idea being that the app check something for a change. When the change is detected. It sends a signal to the arduino and the servo hits or rings something.

It’s fairly simple but it will show my son that it’s pretty straightforward to connect the arduino to the outside word.

I will blog more about it when we conclude the project but here is a pict of the project in its current format.


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