Event Scan – Thoughts after 1 week

Well, its been a week since i started this project and i have formulated a few views about this.

The first and most important being that the development is really really fragmented. The train journey takes around 15 minutes each way and this inevitably means that i have to stop development after each trip without having come to a natural end. By this i mean as a developer i like to stop work at natural breaks in code. This means that i can switch off mentally and dont have to think where i was.

This is essentially the biggest problem with this project – i am taking a couple of minutes to get back up to speed in terms of where i am and what i need to do which is hampering things.

Enough about the pain – what about the gain? Well today, i updated the zone add/update methods to check for duplicates before performing the operation. Its noting exciting but it is important nevertheless.


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