Event Scan – iOS Local Storage

Had a brilliant day today!

Worked on the iOS app so that when the web service was unavailable that the engagement would be stored locally via the sqlite db.

A background thread then checked the database and tries to send the engagement to the server – if it succeeds, it deletes the locally stored engagement, if it fails, it keeps the record and tries again at the next thread interval.

One thing i am going to have to do is adjust my indentation of the iOS app – its terrible. I use Xcode but have never really invested full efforts into understanding the subtle features that make code look more legible (i.e. indentations etc).

Once agin,t he app looks awful as my main consideration is getting core functionality in.

Ive added a few developer buttons to help whilst in the build cycle and if you look at he bottom left, you will see a counter represeting the number of locally stored engagements for reference purposes.


Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 23.04.22

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