EventScan – Out of Memory

I know i haven’t been posting much lately, this is mainly due to work commitments.

I know have a little more time and have decided to pick up on the last issues i was receiving.

This issue manifested itself when trying to generate a PDF containing over 4000+ unregistered QRCodes. This was throwing an out of memory exception.

As a result, i have restructured the way the service works.

Now, when a user tries to download unregistered codes, the app splits the QRCodes into chunks of 240 and generates a pdf document for each chunk.

Each PDF is the added to a zip file.

I’m reasonably please with the results.

Its coming up to xmas so im going to go off-radar for a while but i think this is a good point to leave the app.

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!



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