EventScan – PDF Download

I know i haven’t been postings, this is due to my commitments at work.

I have finally picked up the reigns of the app and kickstarted on the updated to the unregistrered code download functionality.

The issue i was running into was that if the user registered a large number of un-allocated codes e.g. 4000+. I would get an out of memory exception when generating the qrcodes onto the page.

I therefore too the decision to re-write this section and instead, generate smaller pdf documents and store them in a zip file.

Therefore if you want to assign 4000 unregistered codes, it will produce (4000/x) pdf documents within a single zip file – where x is the number of codes per document.

I will attach an example to give a better idea.

The only issue i have found now is that it throws a different error in AZURE Cloud so i am scratching my head a little. (Is this due to the fact im on a shared site?)


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