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EventScan OpenSource

I wrote a prototype application that was based on my whole consultancy time whilst supporting Acer at the London Olympics 2012. I have since decided to push this original prototype that was written in .NET MVC and Xcode (earlier posts)

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Replicating c# String.Format with JavaScript

I was getting really sick of not having a way to populate placeholder text in JavaScript so i took 5 minutes out to write a small script to replicate the functionality in c#. The code below is an initial prototype

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Javascript Data Cache

I was looking for a way to cache data in JavaScript so i wrote this little ditty. I need to spend a little time optimising it but here is the code in its initial form. This works as part of

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Joining the dots….

I did some work a while ago regarding sockets using Node.js which can be seen here. I have also been doing some work on Angular consuming WebAPI through .NET MVC and SQL Server. I decided that I would go the

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Currently Reading – Success in Programming

Just thought I would share what I am currently reading whilst on the daily commute. I’m about half way through the book but it does make for a good read and allows you to increase “your brand”. Amazon Link.

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New idea for a website –

Just had a quick thought – i’m looking to get the public to test my fridgemagnet test project but could not find anywhere centrally to say “hey come and take a look”. Is there any value in a website that

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My annoying ‘gotcha’ in Azure Table Storage and Node.js

I have been dabbling in a little pet project on and off which recreates an on-line fridge magnet scenario. Don’t get excited about the code structure, this is a work in progress/proof of concept project so please, no comments. Anyway,

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