Github repository

I finally got around to putting up a few work in progress projects on GitHub.

I will be putting up my eventscan app soon but in the meantime I have added my fridgemagnet ode project and few extension methods for good measure.

Feel free to contribute.

Link to,GitHub repo.

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Long time no speak

It’s been a long time since I last wrote anything in WordPress so I decided to start writing again.

Not a great deal has happened since I last wrote about the beacon test and the eventscan application I was writing.

I’ve decided to post a few extension methods I have been crafting to help my code so look out for them in future posts.

My main focus is going to be in a through the line application that helps small businesses handle contacts, estimates, jobs and invoicing. I have been struggling to find simple intuitive applications that do the complete process and that is why I’m going to change all that so stay tuned. Thai could be another of my epic train coding apps.

If I don’t write before Christmas, have a great break and catch-up soon.

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Simple ibeacon test

I promised a little more on ibeacons so I decided to post a little video demonstrating the immediate functionality of the didrange delegate methods.

My next step is to code against false positives by averaging the beacon detection.

More to follow but in the meantime, enjoy the video.

YouTube video

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ibeacon or not 2 ibeacon

A colleague brought ibeacons to my attention about a month ago.

They seem really quite interesting and have a great number of real-world applications.

iBeacon is a location-based technology that allows iOS products to talk to each other using low-power Bluetooth signals.

I have decided to invest some time creating a “test” project utilising a couple of beacons I got from kontakt and the ios sdk.

The ibeacons took quite a while to arrive but by purchasing some pre-built ones, itmeant there was something tangible and relatively pretty
we could show clients rather than some Heath Robinson type affair.

The sdk from apple is relatively straightforward and essentially all the logic is performed around 3 methods which are didenter, did leave and ranging.

I am still playing around with them so I shall post back more on the blog with my findings and perhaps some source code.

You never know, I may even pop a video of what we have so far.

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EventScan – Out of Memory

I know i haven’t been posting much lately, this is mainly due to work commitments.

I know have a little more time and have decided to pick up on the last issues i was receiving.

This issue manifested itself when trying to generate a PDF containing over 4000+ unregistered QRCodes. This was throwing an out of memory exception.

As a result, i have restructured the way the service works.

Now, when a user tries to download unregistered codes, the app splits the QRCodes into chunks of 240 and generates a pdf document for each chunk.

Each PDF is the added to a zip file.

I’m reasonably please with the results.

Its coming up to xmas so im going to go off-radar for a while but i think this is a good point to leave the app.

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!



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EventScan – PDF Download

I know i haven’t been postings, this is due to my commitments at work.

I have finally picked up the reigns of the app and kickstarted on the updated to the unregistrered code download functionality.

The issue i was running into was that if the user registered a large number of un-allocated codes e.g. 4000+. I would get an out of memory exception when generating the qrcodes onto the page.

I therefore too the decision to re-write this section and instead, generate smaller pdf documents and store them in a zip file.

Therefore if you want to assign 4000 unregistered codes, it will produce (4000/x) pdf documents within a single zip file – where x is the number of codes per document.

I will attach an example to give a better idea.

The only issue i have found now is that it throws a different error in AZURE Cloud so i am scratching my head a little. (Is this due to the fact im on a shared site?)


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Event Scan – iOS Admin

Today i spent some time regrouping on the iOS code.

I move the admin functions to the administration area and also stored some key variables locally such as the threaded timer which polls for locally stored engagements and send them to the server. Once again this isn’t pretty but we are not at that sprint yet!

I have attached a screenshot (below) of the admin as it stands to give you an idea of the functionality.

Currently we have the following functions :

Delete all locally stored engagements

Assign / setup the device to a particular zone

Define interval between app trying to send local engagements to server

Label with url of server (for reference)


Screenshot 2013.12.07 16.41.17


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